History of decade The growth in all businesses :

  • Building the future of healthcare with a holistic healthcare and wellness centre Developing in Puducherry, India, this project aims at growing medical tourism in the union territory. It's a sustainable and environment-conscious healthcare centre with a focus on treatment, training and tourism. Aradhana Medi-City

    1.Preventive and super speciality care with Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani and Naturo-therapy.
    2.Sustainable architectural design with energy-neutral buildings with low carbon footprint.
    3.Creating access to affordable healthcare with innovative technology
  • Leveraging the power of e-commerce to connect vendors and customers worldwide . Curated products and services from around the globe are brought to a global audience at affordable prices and delivered to their doorstep.Orange ISG

    1. It aims at maximising vendor reach and customer choices at a global scale
    2. Launch your new product with OrangeISG Launchpad and start selling online easily
    3. An e-commerce platform that envisions B2B Tenders, E-Procurement and Cryptocurrency
  • Designing unique spaces that suit the client requirement . A Gen Z interior design studio to deliver high-quality, unique spaces at affordable rates .From homes to small businesses we design it all.Madboujee

    1. Currently, a team of 100+ architects connects with contractors
    2. Offer 360-degree images and walk-through using VR devices before site execution
    3. Customised offerings to make design affordable and easily deliverable
  • Combining the goodness of Indian Ayurveda and Western Oils to provide a wholesome skincare solution . A brand that has been working since 2017 to make natural skin care products. It has expanded its range to include products for all skin types. Azha - Natural Cosmetic

    1. Focused on creating natural skin care products
    2. Serve a global customer base
    3. Create products for Adults and toddlers ranging from soaps, shampoos to moisturisers.
  • Making periods a comfortable experience, one sanitary napkin at a time . We create pure cotton-based sanitary napkins to provide a comfortable and rash-free period experience. We also aim to reduce our carbon footprint by using biodegradable materials. Velli Herbals

    1. Environment conscious decision to use 100% organic cotton for making the sanitary napkins
    2. Aim to provide a rash-free period experience
    3. Provide varied sizes in sanitary napkins, allowing users to choose what suits them best
  • It is the mission of our team to grow as a global corporation and to create a global brand name, which is to be marked purely by our quality, client satisfaction and innovative technology.Laksh Source>

    1. From inception, LAKSH’s commitment has always been to provide highest quality service to our client base. By understanding fully what our customers require, we have built our reputation and business by growing in a controlled and organized manner. 2. Our formula of being available to our clients on a one-on-one basis has always allowed us to offer continued improvements and product enhancements and maintain the highest standards of excellence. 3. Highly motivated team who has a personal stake and whose members care about the clients and their company will always outperform their competitors.